Diversified and highly targeted portable massage heads

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Cooperate with fascia gun to speed up the relief of pain after exercise, speed up the resolution of muscle soreness.

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Each massage head with different shapes is suitable for relieving muscle fatigue in different parts. It is made of ABS plastic material and provides massage with different strength with different fascia guns in different gears. Light weight is suitable for carrying when going out.Each different shape of the massage head has its targeted function usage. Round (ball) massage head it is mainly aimed at massaging the body's major muscle groups, such as the body's pectoralis major, deltoid, latissimus dorsi, buttocks, and thigh muscles, triceps femoris, quadriceps femoris and calf parts can be deep fascia relaxation. The flat shape of the massage head can carry out all muscle groups of the body, as long as you do not vibrate the bones and arteries of the body, it is ok. Cylindrical shape (finger pressure) massage head can carry out foot and palm massage, because spherical or flat head for massage palm acupoints more or less lack of pertinence, so cylindrical shape massage head can solve this problem. The idea behind the U-shaped (forked) massage head is that the fascia gun is designed to relax the body's fascia and muscle tissue, not our bones, and massaging the bones will damage our body, so the U-shaped massage head is cleverly designed to bypass our cervical spine and spine. It perfectly massages the muscles and acupoints on both sides of the vertebra and spine, so the U-shaped (forked) head is ideal for relaxing the muscles on both sides of the vertebra and spine, as well as the muscles of the heel and Achilles tendon. Other different shapes of massage heads also have other targeted functions.


1. Super lightweight yet textured
2. Multiple styles of massage head match different parts of the muscle massage
3. Fit most fascia guns on the market


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black 6




Q: Why choose rovergun as your supplier?
1)High quality:we choose brand parts on product,can ensure each product pass several different country’s test and get certification for customer.
2)Newest design:every year we push at least 5 new model product for customer develop their market.we also can change the product according to customer’s design.
3)Our advantage:have our own land plant and product patent.Product certification for different countries. With BV,BSCI factory inspection.Use brand accessories.High quality product with good price.Professional after-sale service team.
Q:How long can you ship the goods? Do you have stock for this item?
A: For products that are in stock, we can deliver to you in 5-10 days. Regular lead time for mass production is 20-45 days depending on order quantity.We keep some stock for standard item but the stock qty is always floating. Please feel free to contact us to get more update info.
Q:Do you accept small orders?
A: Yes, we accept small orders or trial orders to test market demand.
Q:Do you accept a drop shipping service?
Yes, we can drop one piece according to your order, we have enough experience before this time.

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