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Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people, because yoga mat is made of special materials, different from ordinary mat or carpet, can play a slip, prevent spine, ankle, hip bone, knee joint and other parts of the role of collision.

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Yoga mat surface particles uniform, full of bubbles, soft feel, and non-toxic, tasteless, anti-skid, rebound ability is strong, has a strong tearing ability, is the ideal choice of yoga practitioners. In addition, yoga mat can also effectively block the cold ground, strong grip, with outstanding resilience, leveling, anti-slip, and human skin affinity. But also can carry on some other fitness exercise above, suitable for children to play matting, wild camping mat use.This yoga mat uses high quality TPE particles, anti-slip, comfortable and environmental protection technology, yoga mat non-toxic and tasteless, with good resilience and support, safer and healthier to use.


1. Moderate thickness, thickness of about 6mm, too thin cushion in joint contact with the ground will feel pain, too thick will affect the stability of standing action.
2. The yoga mat has moderate elasticity. Pinch the yoga mat with the hand, if feel both hands fingers are very easy to pinch together, prove that the yoga mat is too soft, such yoga mat even if again thick, joint such as knee contact the ground will also be painful. Such as yoga mat too hard is not very good, our fragile skin can not accept, and easy to break, not easy to receive. Be sure to choose a yoga mat with good elasticity and moderate stiffness to match your practice.
3. The evenness of the yoga mat. The yoga mat is tiled and observed to foam evenly. If the foam is not uniform, it is easy to damage the mat in the use process. If the foaming part is damaged, it cannot be repaired.
4. Moderate the weight of the yoga mat. Because the yoga mat in many times we need to carry, so this yoga mat is not heavy, in order to carry.
5. Anti-slip of cushion surface, avoid unnecessary damage in the process of practice.


size weight color
183*61*6cm 0.9kg green


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Q: Why choose rovergun as your supplier?
1)High quality:we choose brand parts on product,can ensure each product pass several different country’s test and get certification for customer.
2)Newest design:every year we push at least 5 new model product for customer develop their market.we also can change the product according to customer’s design.
3)Our advantage:have our own land plant and product patent.Product certification for different countries. With BV,BSCI factory inspection.Use brand accessories.High quality product with good price.Professional after-sale service team.
Q: Are you a trading company or factory?
A:We are factory not trading company,but we have export right can export directly,some trading company get goods from our factory.
Q: What’s the benefit for long term importers or distributors?
A:Can get the lowest price on old and new product,can use your own logo and stickers freely.After sell service is good,can give distributor parts for repair immediately.

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