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Vibration massage foam axis is used to deeply relax muscles, relieve exercise pain, assist yoga training, reduce pain feeling, make training more effective.

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In the face of the whole body pain caused by a long time without exercise, the lack of normal exercise in the office for a long time brings muscle stiffness, wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time brings acid swelling of the legs and feet, often lowers the head to read the phone brought by the electric foam axis can be very good relief. In addition to the functions of self-fascia relaxation, yoga assisted training and fitness shaping brought by the basic foam shaft, the electric foam shaft also has one advantage: don't change your posture frequently to use the foam shaft, but you need to turn on the switch to enjoy the above functions. Electric foam shaft with four gears strong vibration. Electric foam axis can be used for self-massage and fascia release to break the trigger point, relieve tension membrane, reduce muscle soreness, effectively awaken and activate proprioceptors in muscles, activate nervous system to raise body temperature, lengthen muscles, improve physiological muscle energy, reduce injury after exercise and improve training effect.


1. Strong load-bearing without deformation, the inner tube adopts high-strength ABS plastic alloy to avoid deformation caused by high-strength movement
2.Comfortable and environmentally friendly, using new materials, no irritating smell, more elastic, longer service life
3.Powerful motor, with four speed to meet different levels of massage needs of each part
4.Light weight, easy to carry out sports.


1. Calves and ankles
Sit on the floor with one leg straight and hands behind you for support. Place the electric foam shaft under your calf to start shaking and roll along your knee until you reach your ankle
2. The hip measurement
Roll from hip to knee, then switch to the other side and repeat
3. The shoulder/arm
Lie on your side with the electric foam spindles under your arms to raise your hips. Using your arms and feet to support your body, roll down your biceps to your elbow and switch to the other side to repeat
4. Hip/waist
Sit on the floor and place the electric foam axis at your waist, balancing on your hands, keeping your core tight and slowly bending your knees to move the roller under the gluteus maximus
5. Thighs/hips
Sit on the floor with one leg straight and your hands behind your back to support your body. Roll slowly under your thighs, along your legs until you reach your hips
6. The thigh
Lie on the floor with the electric foam shaft under your knees. The core is tightened and the hip shoulder is lifted with critical force to move the roller from the knee to the hip
7. The foot
With one foot on the ground and the other foot on the electric foam shaft, begin to move the electric foam shaft from toe to heel and repeat


size color speeds Working mode power supply mode
35.5*15.5*15.5cm black 4 speeds Vibration charging


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