Can pregnant women use the massage gun?

The massage gun also known as the deep fascia impactor, uses a high-speed motor to drive the gun head to generate high-frequency vibrations to affect the deep layers of the muscles, thereby achieving the effect of relaxing the fascia and muscles. However, many pregnant women have less exercise and often suffer from cramps. They also want to use the massage gun to massage and relax their bodies. Can pregnant women use the massage gun?

Can pregnant women use the massage gun? Regarding this issue, the opinion of a professional doctor is that it cannot be used, although the massage gun for pregnancy can promote blood circulation in the body, effectively relieve physical fatigue and relax muscles, which is good for the body. However, it is best not to use a massage gun for pregnancy. Improper use of a massage gun will not only not relieve pain, but may also stimulate blood vessels and cause muscle spasms. The massage gun uses high-frequency vibrations to perform massage. If you use the massage gun frequently, it may stimulate the body’s acupuncture points, involve the abdomen, cause the uterus to be stimulated, and there is a risk of threatened miscarriage or premature delivery. At the same time, if the vibration is too large, it may affect the fetus and cause fetal malformation and other problems.

Pregnant women are not allowed to use the massage gun. The massage gun is a deep fascia impact instrument, which relaxes fascia and relieves muscles through high-frequency vibration. Because the vibration is more severe, it is more harmful to pregnant women, which may cause discomfort and cause adverse effects on the fetus. If pregnant women feel unwell and have tense muscles, they can relax through massage, maintain adequate rest, avoid strenuous exercise, and do not try the massage gun.

Can pregnant women use the massage gun? Even if you are not pregnant but are suitable for people who use massage guns, you need to choose carefully when using massage guns, because inferior massage guns may also cause hidden dangers.

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Post time: Dec-27-2022