Can the massage gun massage the neck for a long time?

Why can’t the massage gun be used to relax the neck for a long time? Because the massage gun acts on the local area through ultra-high-speed vibration, thereby achieving a relaxing effect. Its action is strong and powerful, so the muscle tissue at the action site is required to be plump and thick enough, but the cervical spine obviously does not meet this condition.

The muscles of the cervical spine are weak, and it is difficult to recover from injuries. The cervical spine is where important structures such as blood vessels, nerves, and spinal cord gather in the human body. The bones and joints in this area are closely arranged, and the muscles are weak. Once injured, it is difficult to recover. Long-term beating is likely to interfere with blood circulation and hit the carotid sinus. High-speed vibration will interfere with the blood flow of the vertebral artery and other cerebral blood vessels in the neck, affecting the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain; at the same time, there are The carotid sinus is relatively superficial. When suddenly subjected to physical pressure or shock, it will produce a cardiovascular reflex, causing blood pressure to drop and heartbeat to slow down. Individuals may even experience extreme situations such as fainting and cardiac arrest.

For the same reason, it is difficult for the elderly to bear the shock of the massage gun with ball. The elderly generally have vascular diseases such as arterial plaque. The vibration of the massage gun with ball may cause the plaque of the neck blood vessels to fall off, which seriously threatens life safety.

The vibration of the massage gun will affect the bones and reduce the stability of the cervical spine. The vibration and impact brought by the massage gun will cause the vertebrae to shake violently, gradually reduce the overall stability of the cervical spine, and accelerate the degeneration of cervical vertebrae, intervertebral discs and other tissues. Hitting and massaging the neck with a massage gun for a long time can easily induce the occurrence of cervical spondylosis for people who have already experienced cervical spondylosis.

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Post time: Dec-29-2022