How to choose the massage gun in the market?

After fitness training, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, and the muscles are over-tensioned at rest, which is prone to fascia adhesion, which affects muscle recovery and growth, and the body will experience discomfort. Compared with massage methods such as foam rollers and fascia balls, the high-frequency impact of the massage gun is more targeted, soothing nerves and restoring muscle elasticity. With the advancement of massage gun technology in the current market, there are already a lot of massage gun products, with prices ranging from single digits to four digits.
How to choose a massage gun in store near me that suits you mainly consists of two aspects. First, you must understand the purpose of buying a massage gun in store near me to derive the required functions. Second, you need to choose a suitable massage gun within your budget.
If you just want to experience what the massage gun feels like, you can learn about the dolphin massager. As a comfortable massager for the elderly, you can understand the vibration of the massage gun, but if you have a budget and other needs, this massager Instrument is not satisfied enough. If the dolphin can’t meet your needs, but you don’t want to spend too much money to buy the original gun, you can look at the jigsaw magic modified massage gun. The wired one is the best, with enough massage heads, strong enough force, fast enough frequency, quite hardcore , special for hunks, of course the noise is loud enough, but the same magic modified massage gun is far from enough for people who pursue the functions that the massage gun can bring, and there may even be safety problems, so if you have a sufficient budget Under the circumstances, it is better to use a regular massage gun directly.
If you have a lower budget, you can learn about brushed massage guns. The same performance but the price of brushless massage guns is also lower, but because of the use of brushed motors, the service life will be relatively short, but it can also be used in After the end of life, re-purchase a better massage gun after future technology improvement. People who have enough budget at the beginning can directly use the professional brushless massage gun. The performance is more stable. After fitness training, the massage gun can indeed relax the muscles. Massage the muscles, shoulders, neck, and thighs after exercise. , which is more uniform and labor-saving than manual massage, it can relieve in a few minutes, improve muscle balance, assist relaxation and repair, buy early and enjoy early.
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Post time: Dec-01-2022