How to enjoy the holiday of RoverGun

Just in time for Labor Day, the entire staff of RoverGun went on a short trip together. Since some employees have to be on duty (in order not to affect the production progress, RoverGun adopts a rotating rest system, even on working days, staff from the production and customer service departments are still arranged to work), so we divided this trip into 2 days.
On Labor Day, we first came to the beautiful Panlong Valley for a picnic and barbecue. The beautiful lakeside, attractive fragrance, do not make people appetite. The barbecue staff is undoubtedly the busiest at the moment. The grilled food that has just been released has been robbed by everyone in less than a second.

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I thought: Why are you not so active at work? After the meal was over, the boys and girls who paid attention to their appearance started exercising, and then on the big lawn, we started an exciting football PK match, although everyone said that friendship comes first and competition comes second. But once inside the football field, the atmosphere suddenly changed. After all, everyone wants to show off their muscles in front of the beauties of the (2)
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The next day, we got up early to buy supplies. As the large and small bags were loaded into the car, we did not stop until the car could not fit any more. After a 2-hour drive, we finally arrived at a "Xanadu". During the holiday, when visiting scenic spots, the staff of RoverGun prefer to go to a beautiful and quiet place. Let your mind calm down and remember the problems that occurred in the previous work, and formulate the future development direction.

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The beautiful labor holiday is coming to an end, I hope RoverGun can bring a professional Massage Gun experience to more sports and fitness people with a new look.

Post time: May-18-2022