How to use a massage gun for deep muscle massage?

Massage guns are now not only popular in sports circles, but also used by many office workers. The massage gun has a great effect on exercise relaxation, although the use of the massage gun seems very simple, as if hitting an uncomfortable part of the body. Is this really true?
1. Applicable people of massage gun
A. A professional athlete with a lot of exercise
B. People who love sports, often go to the gym or exercise self-discipline
C. People who are sedentary and do not move for a long time, mainly office workers, who sit for several hours at a time
2. Unsuitable people for the massage gun
A. Pregnant women
B. People with acute contusions
C. People with health problems
3. The usefulness of different massage heads
A. The spherical massage head is suitable for relaxation of various parts of the body, as well as for back massage. Due to the spherical 360-degree design without edges and corners, it can better fit the back muscles and relax the waist.
B. Conical head, suitable for acupoints, small muscle groups, etc., can locate massage points, such as massage Jianjing acupoint can relieve neck and shoulder pain, frozen shoulder.
C. U-shaped head is suitable for both sides of the spine. The U-shaped head avoids the spine and acts on the erector spinae on both sides to improve the stability of the spine and prevent and improve the related problems of the spine.
D. Small flat head, higher impact strength, suitable for parts with thick muscles, such as the quadriceps femoris, gluteus maximus, etc. of the calf. Its strong impact can hit deeper into the muscles for a better massage experience, but also a more sour post-workout relaxation experience.
4. The correct use of the massage gun
For the correct use method and duration of the massage gun with 6 attachments, it is recommended to operate along the texture of the muscle and massage according to its overall direction. For example, the muscles of the chest are horizontal and the muscles of the limbs are vertical. When we use the massage gun with 6 attachments, we use appropriate force instead of force, and we can push it slowly according to the texture. Be sure to have the right strength and scale.
At the same time, the use of the massage gun is not the longer the better, nor the more painful the more effective it is. It is recommended that a single use time of a local fascia meridian is 30 to 60 seconds. The spherical and flat massage heads have a relatively large area. The strength of the hitting muscles is more even and can be extended to 3 minutes, but try not to exceed 3 minutes. It is recommended to use each part within 3 minutes.
massage gun with 6 attachments

Post time: Oct-01-2022