How to use the massage gun to remove lactic acid after track and field training?

“Resolving lactic acid” is actually just relaxing the muscle tension caused by track and field training. The specific method can be massaged, so that lactic acid can quickly diffuse to other parts of the muscle, consume through metabolism in the body, maintain a weakly alkaline environment in the body, and increase the alkalinity of body fluids , acid-base neutralization can also accelerate lactic acid metabolism, strengthen muscle training, and increase ATP content in muscles. In the future, under the same intensity of exercise, the probability of lactic acid production will decrease. However, in preventing lactic acid production, the massage gun can be used to relax, but after using the massage gun to relax, it must be stretched. Using the massage gun to relax and remove lactic acid is only an auxiliary function, and stretching is the key point.
The muscle groups generally trained in track and field training are nothing more than those on the lower legs: relaxation of the quadriceps brachii, iliotibial band and hamstrings on the thigh and relaxation of the calf gastrocnemius and soleus.
massage gun massage our calf can shape the muscles and improve our calf muscles, but it cannot lose weight for the legs:
1. The distribution of the calf muscle group and the gastrocnemius muscle first and then the fish muscle
2. Points to pay attention to when relaxing and shaping the calf
3. Use the massage gun to massage the calf.
One hand protects the knee joint, that is, it is attached to the upper end of the calf, and the other holds the massage gun and opens it to the first gear position. From the top, slowly gather the palms toward the heels. When you get close to the Achilles tendon, you can stop the massage. Because our main purpose is the red part of the muscle belly, we use the massage gun to comb the position close to the Achilles tendon, and then we can stay properly. When massaging, let the massage gun dry the surface of the calf vertically. . When doing massage to loosen the calf, if there is a dry and painful point, we need to stop on the pain point for about 30 seconds!
In the daily running process, when going up the stairs, the muscles on the front of our thighs are used very frequently, and when we do some squats, it is done together with our gluteus maximus. action. Therefore, the quadriceps and glutes, they complement each other to produce a lot of movement on the ground. When we use the massage gun to release these muscle groups, the area of the quadriceps in the middle of the stem is very large, so we must use the massage gun to perform the external treatment separately.
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Post time: Aug-27-2022