Is a massage gun worth buying?

In the face of the blowout of massage gun brands, consumers often ask whether it is worth spending money to buy a pro fit massage gun. My answer is absolute, as long as you have enjoyed the comfort brought by the massage gun, you must There will be no doubts about this, of course, the premise is that the quality of the purchased pro fit massage gun must be good and the price is within your spending power.
If the fascia needs to be released, the best way is to use a deep way, and it needs a very slow way to cooperate with the client’s self-voluntary movement to loosen the adhesion between the fascia and the fascia.
Therefore, regardless of the manual release, stretching, if the purpose is to open the local soft tissue in question, it needs to be done in a palliative manner. Including stretching, if a person cannot easily maintain for 1-2 minutes or more when self-stretching, we can all think that the extensibility of the fascia is relatively poor.
Another characteristic of fascia is that you only need to squeeze and impact it, it will “water and”, you can understand that the local tissue fluid filling takes away waste products into new metabolism and improves local elasticity. Therefore, you will have a good feeling after using the massage gun. This is only short-lived, not to mention that the frequency of the massage gun can only affect the shallowest fascia, and the layer under the skin will return after a few days or even a day. Prototype.
In addition, the massage gun should be used with caution in bone-dense places, especially in the chest cavity close to the heart.
Finally, no matter pulling, rubbing and pressing, a large part of the reason you feel comfortable at the moment is because you have released the nerve, not the local soft tissue has really improved, the change of the fascia needs at least half a year to two years .
So in order to bring sufficient relaxation to your fascia for a long time, it is definitely worthwhile to buy a good massage gun, and it is a wise purchase.
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Post time: Oct-06-2022