Is the massage gun a black technology or an IQ tax?

In recent years, a new “black technology” has emerged in the area of muscle relaxation, the massage gun for back pain. Whether it is after intense exercise in the gym or at the medical point after running a marathon, you can always see many people taking it. Wearing a device that looks like a “gun”, he “slammed” at the thigh muscles.
Massage gun, the full name of muscle fascia relaxation massage gun, is used for high frequency impact physical therapy for fascia relaxation. Its principle is to relax muscles and nerves through high-speed vibration. After strenuous exercise, the body will produce a large amount of lactic acid. If you do not relax in time, your muscles will appear sore the next day.
Using a massage gun after exercise can help you: reduce post-exercise soreness, improve flexibility, promote circulation, increase joint function, enhance physical function and nerve activity, and relax the need for fascia.
Fascia is divided into superficial fascia and deep fascia. The fat layer between the superficial fascia and the skin is arranged vertically, and the two are not easy to slide, and can be regarded as a whole; the fat layer between the superficial fascia and the deep fascia is arranged obliquely, and the two are easy to slide; the deep tendon The membrane is closely connected to the muscle and can be considered as a whole.
When the pH value of the body decreases after exercise, the hyaluronic acid in the fascia will become solid, which will affect the sliding between the deep fascia and the superficial fascia, and cause adhesions in this part.
During exercise, the skin does not move with the muscles. If the superficial fascia and the deep fascia are adhered to form a whole, the skin will move along with the movement of the muscles during exercise, so that the brain will receive disordered signals and send out The warning message causes discomfort in the part, affects the flexibility of the part, and over time will reduce the range of motion of the joint, affect its sports performance, and increase the risk of sports injury.
Through the precise, high-frequency, and deep vibration of the myofascial gun, muscle adhesions can be removed, muscles are heated, cells are activated, and blood flow is smoother, thereby accelerating muscle recovery and reducing lactic acid.
After exercising, you can feel the effect after 15-25 seconds of using massage gun for back pain on the local muscles, but the real effect will be more obvious the next day.

massage gun for back pain

Post time: Sep-17-2022