Massage gun easily solves the problem of lactic acid accumulation

Daily exercise and fitness can effectively improve physical health, but after strenuous exercise, symptoms such as muscle burning, pain, cramping, and fatigue will appear. This is actually the accumulation of lactic acid after high-intensity exercise.At this time, it is necessary to use the profit massage gun to relieve the discomfort caused by the accumulation of lactic acid.
1. What is lactic acid
Lactic acid is produced in muscle cells and red blood cells, and it is formed when the body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose during exercise under certain conditions. For athletes, lactic acid is a very important function evaluation index. The higher the concentration of lactic acid can be, the stronger the glycolysis energy supply capacity of the athlete is. In short, the better the speed endurance.
2. What is Lactic Acid Accumulation
When the human body performs strenuous exercise, the decomposition of muscle glycogen is accelerated, the oxygen consumption increases, and the muscle is temporarily in a state of relative hypoxia. At this time, the muscle glycogen can be converted into lactic acid through pyruvate and accumulated in the muscle, and the generated lactic acid will stimulate Muscles and nerves cause soreness.
3. How to Eliminate Lactic Acid
Reducing exercise intensity and resting between exercises are all useful ways to clear lactic acid;
Relaxation exercises after exercise can allow muscles to actively recover, such as stretching, foam rolling, and massage relaxation, which can remove lactic acid from the body.
4. A massage gun is useful for lactic acid build-up
Take the RoverGun massage gun mini MG-005 as an example, it is not only light and easy to carry, but also has a shock amplitude of 6mm, which can effectively repel the accumulation of lactic acid.
Ultra-low noise brushless motor, 5Kg strong impact force, 3000 rpm high frequency beating, deeper amplitude directly to muscles to release fatigue;
For different muscle groups, it is equipped with 4 professional massage heads, with four scientifically adjustable speed changes, and massage can be used at will to help muscles recover.
With the RoverGun Mini massage gun, you can warm up your muscles before exercising and get rid of fatigue and soreness when you recover after exercising. Effectively relieve muscle stiffness and improve muscle soreness after exercise.
Overall, lactic acid is a constant, harmless presence in the body. Lactic acid is produced when strenuous exercise, but the accumulation of lactic acid can be reduced and eliminated through gradual exercise, drinking plenty of water, rest, diet, warm-up and stretching, profit massage gun massage, etc. Therefore, if you look at lactic acid correctly, you can prevent the soreness caused by excessive accumulation of lactic acid in a reasonable way.
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Post time: Sep-14-2022