Massage gun is the secret to stick to exercise

The weather has become cold recently, and people tend to seek the comfort of delicious food. After enjoying all kinds of delicious food, the body quickly swells up, so they have to exercise. However, it is difficult to persist in exercising. Every time people fail in their exercise plan, one of the most important reasons is that the accumulation of lactic acid after exercise leads to soreness all over the body the next day, resulting in laziness, suspending the exercise plan, and repeating. In order to solve this problem, you can buy a massage gun and try to massage the muscles deeply after exercise to relieve the muscle soreness caused by the accumulation of lactic acid, so that you can continue to exercise.

The cheap massage gun burn fat is rough in workmanship and the user experience is not good. If you want to buy a good massage gun, you can refer to the following parameters that you should pay attention to when buying a massage gun:

A. Motor and speed. In terms of motors, most massage guns now use brushless motors, which have lower noise and longer life than brushed motors. The quality of the motor is also reflected in the speed. Generally speaking, the speed of the household massage gun can reach 2000-3200 rpm.

B. Striking depth. If the hitting depth is too shallow, it is easy to fail to achieve the effect, and if the hitting depth is too deep, it is easy to cause muscle damage. Therefore, usually a household massage gun burn fat chooses a hitting depth of less than 10mm, which can satisfy muscle relaxation after fitness and daily exercise. up.

C. Thrust. The important parameter of the massage gun——thrust, is also relatively easy to understand. It’s like going to a massage. If the master is not strong enough, the massage effect will not be good. The same is true for the massage gun. Generally speaking, when the thrust is 13kg, it is very Not bad.

D. Volumetric weight. Volume and weight are also parameters that are easily overlooked. Imagine that when you are tired after exercising and want to relax, you have to hold the bulky massage gun hard, which is full of burden. In addition, the large-volume massage gun is inconvenient to carry out.

E. Noise. Massage after exercise is a kind of relaxing behavior. If it is accompanied by the harsh noise of the massage gun at this time, it is really annoying. The sound decibel value below 60 is a harmless zone, and you can choose within this range.

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Post time: Dec-20-2022