Office massage artifact in a handbag

The massage gun uses its high-frequency impact force to transmit power to the deep layers of the muscles, including breaking up the accumulation of lactic acid, stimulating the deep fascia, restoring tension and relaxing the body and mind. There are two types of massage guns, one is the large massage gun used by sports professionals, which has a higher strike frequency and depth. The other type is the mini massage gun. Relatively speaking, the hitting frequency and depth are weaker than the large massage gun, but it can fully meet the needs of non-professionals (work/light sports).However, these two types of massage guns can use massage gun heads interchangeable to meet the relaxation of various parts of the body.
Compared with the professional massage gun, the mini massage gun is actually more convenient to use, because it is small in size, light in weight, low in noise, and more convenient for daily carrying. And for those who do not exercise a lot or want to relax in the office, the mini massage gun is more effective and has a higher life match, which is closer to life and more cost-effective.
Compared with the professional massage gun, the mini massage gun that can be carried in the handbag has been transformed into a daily necessities. Before buying a mini massage gun, you must know some purchasing points.
1. Appearance
As a hand-held sports recovery device, the massage gun needs to have its own appropriate ergonomic proportions and a sense of use. Including the length of the hand-held part, the inclination of the massage head and the position of the shift button, etc., will be reflected in the basic appearance.
2. Motor
Before buying a massage gun, it should be a commonplace to look at the motor. Like all electronic products, the motor is their soul. When choosing power, a brushless motor that can generally reach about 60w is more in line with the needs of daily exercise recovery.
3. Battery capacity
The battery capacity is not only related to the single endurance of the massage gun, but more importantly, whether it can provide strong current and voltage in the process of carrying the output of the motor. Therefore, the capacity of the battery is one aspect of safety and quality is another.
4. Thrust
At the same time, the massage gun is also the performance of the overall quality of the product. The greater the thrust, the greater the strength of the massage gun on the muscles, and the more comfortable it is after use. Generally, it takes 10 to 15kg to satisfy the basic exercise and relaxation.
5. Noise
Wanting to use low noise normally in offices and other places is always one of the prerequisites. Especially the massage gun that continuously makes noise during the working process, the quality of its motor must be much worse than that of similar products. So this is not just a difference in experience, but also a difference in the quality of specific products.
6. Massage head
As long as it is equipped with the most basic four massage gun heads interchangeable on the market, it is enough to meet the needs of relaxing muscles after work.
massage gun heads interchangeable

Post time: Oct-22-2022