Out-of-the-box measurement of the RoverGun massage gun

With the development of society and the improvement of economic ability, there will always be someone in a family who loves sports and insists on sports, but every time a lot of exercise is often accompanied by fatigue, and occasionally there is a risk of injury, especially with age. Growth, fatigue and pain recovery is slow. The family around you will also feel tired and uncomfortable because of daily work and life, and the massage gun can help restore physical strength and relieve fatigue in some aspects.
Buy a RoverGun Mini massage gun and enjoy a comfortable massage from the massage gun.
When you receive the express delivery from RoverGun, you will see a box wrapped in a courier bag. The box is heavy and not light, but it will not be too heavy to give people a cumbersome feeling. After removing the express bag, you can see a khaki-colored carton, which contains all the parts of the massage gun to get rid of cellulite. For those who have personalized customization needs, you can also customize the exclusive logo and pattern on the carton. Opening the carton is a delicate black hard storage box, and the surface of this storage box can also be customized with logos and patterns.
When you open the storage box, you can see all the accessories and the main body of the gun body. Inside the storage box are the massage gun itself, its own four massage heads and manual data cables, etc. The color of the massage gun to get rid of cellulite can be chosen by yourself, and for customized customers Customize the logo pattern and color on the massage gun, and the four massage heads with good materials are suitable for different parts of use.
The installation of the massage gun is very simple, just take out the massage head you want to use and insert it directly into the gun body. The mini gun is small and light, and it does not have the “load-bearing feeling” that you think when you get the package. It feels comfortable when you hold it, and the shock effect is obvious when you use it. The casing has a good heat dissipation method, which can prevent the motor from overheating when in use.
The RoverGun mini massage gun is lightweight and can be carried in a small bag. Four-speed adjustable force, scientific force, can meet different relaxation massage requirements, and the force can be easily controlled by yourself. Four exclusive massage heads for different muscle groups are suitable for widely. Power battery combined power supply, strong endurance, battery compartment with mainstream Type-C fast charging, safe and durable long-term battery life. The silent power system achieves a quieter power balance effect.
massage gun to get rid of cellulite

Post time: Nov-14-2022