• How to choose different massage gun heads

    The principle of massage gun is to use its internal special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head”, to produce high-frequency vibration to the deep muscle, to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and other functions. Different parts of the body have d...
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  • What is the 3 days delivery muscle massage gun for RoverGun?

    What is the 3 days delivery muscle massage gun for RoverGun?

         Muscle massage gun Three-day receipt is a unique service launched by RoverGun. It refers to the time from when a customer places an order to when the goods are received. The customer places an order - pays the payment - the warehouse delivers the goods - the custome...
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  • What is Massage Gun

    Massage Gun, or called Fascial Gun. It originated in 2014 and was transformed from power tools. The Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving in the 2017 NBA Playoff became widely known to the public during the timeout period. Currently used in most professional leagues, it has become an essential product for ...
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  • What is RoverGun

    RoverGun is a Massage Gun brand created after the 2014 World Cup. It was created to serve the purpose of reducing injuries and improving recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world. RoverGun family: 2014: 2 boys who love sports set up RoverGun 2015 Has its own Massage Gun prod...
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  • How to enjoy the holiday of RoverGun

    Just in time for Labor Day, the entire staff of RoverGun went on a short trip together. Since some employees have to be on duty (in order not to affect the production progress, RoverGun adopts a rotating rest system, even on working days, staff from the production and cu...
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  • How to customize a special back-to-school gift

    Do you have a gift in mind for your classmates before the new school year? Or as a conversation starter to meet someone new? RoverGun professional for you to provide personalized massage gun customization service, you can customize the exclusive logo, color and pattern as your exclusive label. Bu...
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