Relieve soreness with scientific deep massage with massage gun

At present, there are too many types of massage gun brands in the market, but some products have insufficient professional technical strength, and the products generally have problems such as uneven vibration frequency and high impact damage rate, which may cause muscle damage during use. So how to choose a massage gun to avoid such a situation?

The massage gun uses its own vibration to massage the muscles and surrounding soft tissues, so as to achieve recovery and eliminate fatigue. In particular, it can dispel the large amount of lactic acid accumulated by the human body during exercise, work, and life, and relieve muscle soreness. Let the body no longer fatigue. And it can also resonate with the fascia to relax the fascia. In addition, using a massage gun before running can also relax tense muscles, promote blood circulation in muscle tissue, and effectively prevent muscle fibrosis and muscle atrophy.

There are really many benefits to using a massage gun before running, but the premise is that you need to buy a professional massage gun product. However, there are many brands of massage guns in the market, and many unprofessional products are hidden. If you don’t know the purchasing skills, it is difficult to buy high-quality massage guns smoothly. Summarize several important factors that must be paid attention to in purchasing:

A. Do not choose a massage gun with too much thrust.

B. Can distinguish the difference between mini guns and big guns and clarify their own needs.

C. The choice of amplitude depth requires a scientific and reasonable massage gun.

D. The massage gun equipped with a brushless motor feels better to use.

E. Do not choose the style with loud noise.

F. The massage gun with high compatibility is the first choice.

G. Choose products with high hitting accuracy.

On the premise of knowing the correct purchasing skills, you can successfully buy professional products, especially pay attention to products with thrust suitable for you and with an amplitude of 8-13mm, and don’t blindly follow the trend to buy.

massage gun before running

Post time: Dec-23-2022