So who can use a massage gun?

The three groups of people who are suitable for using the massage gun are:

1. People after exercise

after human exercise. Muscles are under tension. and secrete lactic acid. Pain, swelling, and other discomfort. Especially the legs. If you don’t break down the muscle. Expand into a ball. You might grow muscular legs. Use a massage gun to relax your muscles. Helps eliminate lactic acid. Relieve muscle discomfort.

2. Sedentary people

in daily work and study. Most people basically sit from morning till night. This causes stiffness and pain in muscles such as the lower back, neck and shoulders. Severe cases can also cause shoulder, neck, and waist diseases. Physically and mentally burdened. Using the quiet massage gun can activate muscle vitality. Promote blood circulation in muscle tissue. Relieves muscle stiffness, pain and other discomforts.

3. People who recover muscles

For middle-aged and elderly people and some people with handicapped legs and feet. Generally low or unable to exercise. When the muscles are not fully active. Can cause loss of muscle strength. Use a quiet massage gun to stimulate the muscles. Promote local blood circulation. Accelerates muscle group recovery. Good for muscle recovery.

Strictly prevent the three hidden dangers of the massage gun

Hidden danger 1: Injury to weak parts of the body or even internal organs

The hitting position of the massage gun is very particular. It cannot be used in the armpits, chest and abdominal cavity, neck and other places where the muscle wall is thin or there are many viscera. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause damage, such as subcutaneous congestion and visceral injury.

Hidden danger 2: lead to congestion, muscle pain

Inferior massage guns are often accompanied by problems such as excessive hitting force and insufficient uniformity, which will cause redness, swelling and tearing of muscles, so we must not buy those cheap massage guns!

Hidden danger 3: hidden chronic hazards

If you buy an unprofessional massage gun with poor compatibility, uneven power, etc., you don’t have a special feeling when you first use it. In fact, the muscle tissue has been injured. After a while, you will obviously feel the pain of tearing and severe acidity pain.

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Post time: Dec-27-2022