The disadvantages of using the massage gun incorrectly

Is the massage gun useful? The massage gun directly acts on our body. The gun head hits the body, and the hitting force is generally not light. Body damage! So what exactly are the dangers?

1. Injured muscles lead to redness, swelling and tearing

Many low-priced massage guns have weak power, short battery life, loud noise, and many problems. In addition to these shortcomings in user experience, inferior massage guns also have big problems in professional functions such as compatibility and amplitude. Damage to the body can easily lead to muscle redness, swelling, tearing, and obvious pain. But you can rest assured that professional massage guns will not have these problems.

2. The massage gun also affects joints and bones

Joints and bones are the places we should pay special attention to when using them. Try not to use the massage gun to hit the joints and bones, and now there are metal massage heads on the market. In fact, the impact of the metal gun head on the bones and joints The damage is higher.

3. Injury to weak parts of the body or even internal organs

The massage gun different heads uses can not be used in every place, and the neck, chest and abdominal cavity, armpits and other parts with thin muscles and concentrated viscera must not be used! Otherwise, it is easy to cause injury, the lighter one is subcutaneous congestion, and the worse one even hurts the internal organs. It can’t be used directly against the bones, especially the cervical spine, otherwise it will easily cause joint damage.

The harmful side effects of the massage gun different heads uses mainly depend on whether the product selection of the massage gun is correct. Some low-quality and low-priced products are easy to damage the muscles. Although many brands are expensive, they lack technical adjustments such as motor power uniformity and accuracy. , will greatly increase muscle damage. In addition, when using the fascia massage gun with too much force or for too long, it is easy to cause muscle damage. The function of using the fascia massage gun is to relieve muscle tension, so that the muscle fascia after exercise reaches In a relaxed state, if you use this fascia massage gun with too much force or for too long, it will cause muscle damage.

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Post time: Dec-28-2022