The purchase criterion of the massage gun is to only buy the right ones and not expensive ones

Among all consumption concepts, the safest consumption is to only buy what is right and not expensive, and what suits you is the best. A good massage gun neck pain has strong power and can deeply massage and loosen the muscles. The motor is the core point of buying a massage gun. At the same time, for daily use, the material of the massage head, whether it is comfortable to hold, and whether it is convenient to store It’s all about buying.

1. Core performance – motor power

The hitting strength of the massage gun neck pain is the key to whether the muscles can be effectively relaxed, and whether the power of the motor is sufficient becomes the top priority when purchasing a massage gun.

2. The power and massage amplitude of the massage gun

Whether the strength of massage and decompression can meet the needs of use depends on the power of the device. If the power is not strong enough, there will be a feeling of itching.

3. Massage head

In terms of actual use effect, the massage head made of silicone material is the most comfortable to use, more skin-friendly, and has a good touch. The second is foam, but sometimes wearing a sweater and using the foam head for massage tends to stick to hair, and the touch is not very good. The last is Plastic material.

The main application scenarios of the massage gun can be divided into two categories, daily relaxation and exercise and fitness groups.

Those with daily relaxation needs are suitable for office workers and daily households. The massage gun can be used to loosen muscles that are stiff due to long-term sitting and standing, and relieve fatigue.

For sports and fitness people, using a massage gun as an exercise aid for loosening can shorten the recovery time and make the exercising body more comfortable.

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Post time: Dec-30-2022