The reason for owning a massage gun

Now more and more people are using the massage gun, so what is the function of the massage gun? What are the possible hazards? This article goes on to explain the reasons for owning a massage gun.
1. The function and harm of massage gun
The function of the massage gun: The massage gun uses the high-speed vibrating gun head to impact the tight body parts after the body exercise to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover, avoid the fascia adhesion, and relieve the muscle stiffness, stiffness and tightness. , It can also promote blood circulation, dissipate creatine produced by fatigue, and help relieve fatigue and soreness of the body.
Harm of the massage gun: Improper use of the massage gun will cause damage to the body, but the correct use of the massage gun will not cause harm to the body. For example, if the massage gun is used in the joints, it is easy to cause joint damage; when used in the neck, chest and abdomen, armpits and other parts with thin muscle walls, more sensitive, and concentrated internal organs, the massage gun is also prone to injury. Using the same position for 5-10 minutes is enough, but it will cause discomfort if used for a long time.
2. Can the massage gun be used for belly fat?
The best massage gun must not be used on the stomach, nor can it reduce belly fat. Because the stomach is actually the part where our internal organs are concentrated, most people have weak muscle tissue here. Using the best massage gun directly on the stomach may cause damage to the internal organs, so the fascia is strictly prohibited in parts such as the chest cavity and abdominal cavity. gun. And the massage gun can only play the role of massage and relaxation, and can not reduce fat, so don’t think about using the massage gun to massage the stomach to reduce the fat on the stomach.
3. Can I use a massage gun instead of stretching?
The massage gun is not a substitute for stretching. Stretching can make muscles and ligaments produce a pulling feeling, relax muscle groups, and make the coordination between ligaments, muscles and joints more gentle, which is beneficial to reduce the possibility of sports injuries. Stretching after exercise can also make muscle lines grow. softer.
The massage gun only plays the role of avoiding fascia adhesion and relieving muscle soreness, and cannot achieve the effect of stretching. Generally, it is recommended to use the massage gun to relax the muscles after exercise, and then stretch for fitness and shaping effect. will be better.
4. Can the massage gun be used as a massager?
The massage gun can occasionally be used as a massager. The massage gun can relax the fascia and relieve stiff muscles. If you sit and work for a long time and cause local muscle stiffness, and you happen to have a massage gun at home, you can use the massage gun to relax, and the effect is similar to a massage device.
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Post time: Aug-18-2022