The reasons to buy a massage gun

The massage gun is mainly used for disintegrating lactic acid accumulation, relieving body fatigue, and daily massage. The core principle is to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and recover and promote blood circulation through the high-frequency impact of the gun head on the target part of the body.
Office workers work hard all year round to avoid backache and back pain, neck is extremely hard, and tendons pull pain when looking up. I chose to exercise and bought a three-piece foam roller set, but it was not very effective in relieving pain. To solve the above problems, buying a massage gun is the best solution.
The pace of modern life is fast. Many people do not pay attention to post-holiday stretching and relaxation after three minutes of hot exercise, and there is no scientific normative exercise. As a result, after exercising the next day, the hands and feet do not belong to me, severe pain or even difficulty in walking, work and life are not in the state, and I am offline for a long time.
After owning a massage gun with long handle, it is mostly used on the shoulders and neck. After massaging with the spherical head and the U-shaped head, it can effectively relieve the soreness, which is really very comfortable. The massage gun with long handle is powerful. The maximum gear is 30 gears. There is no need to press the afterburner with your hands when using it. Generally, the feeling of 1 gear is quite comfortable. The matching handbag is convenient to pack. Light and exquisite workmanship. It is worthy of the price of the massage gun, suitable for the aesthetic pursuit of today’s young people, simple and fashionable.
Of course, the scope of use of the massage gun also has certain limitations, so be careful not to use it blindly. The massage gun is a physiotherapy instrument and should be operated in a standardized manner. The massage gun should be avoided in the bulging parts of human bones, in the acute stage of injury, in areas with rich nerves and blood vessels without muscle protection, and before the formation of callus after fracture. Simply put, as long as you relax your muscles, it’s safe.
massage gun with long handle

Post time: Nov-08-2022