What are the collocations when buying a massage gun?

When buying or selling a massage gun is a single massage gun monotonous or inadequate for all purposes? This article recommends the purchase of massage gun can be matched with the components and related products.
1. The massage gun is equipped with a matching charging base
When charging, the matching charging base can adapt to most of the massage gun products on the market, and ensure that the massage gun is in an upright state when charging, and is suitable for walking with the massage gun, and avoid the damage of massage gun charger interface caused by frequent insertion or removal of the charging cable.
2. massage gun plus hot compress massage head
When using the underlying massage gun massage head can meet the users with hot or cold compresses requirements, when buying massage gun can match a small hot compress on massage head, surface adopts the material of cold feeling, in the switch is not open, cold feeling, open a hot compress switches have three gear temperature can choose you need massage.
3. massage gun charger with a convertible plug
Often travel for users in the use of massage gun will inevitably meet massage gun charger plug with local specifications different, and the tiredness of the trip with using massage gun is a good way to ease, in order to avoid any different specifications can’t charging can be chosen when buy a dilemma of the convertible massage gun charger plug, Just change the plug to fit the charging socket in different countries.
4. Add foam shaft or massage ball to massage gun
Foam axis and massage ball are relatively traditional massage relaxation equipment after sports, with purchase can get one plus one more than two experience when relaxing, and now the foam axis and massage ball have electric models, not only free hands but also relax the body and mind.
5. Add a massage gun and yoga mat
Everyone who exercises at home will choose to buy a yoga mat. Although you do not need to use a massage gun on a yoga mat, you can bring a copy with you when you buy a massage gun when your home yoga mat needs to be replaced.
6. massage gun plus water cup set
When choosing the custom massage gun, most people will choose to print their own logo and pattern as a mark or advertising, the same as the sports partner’s water cup can also be customized with these marks. Choose a thermos cup to keep your water warm after exercise, or a stirrer cup for drinks like protein powder that go with exercise. In addition to the general direct sellers of customers, this set is also suitable for gyms and other places, can be sold as advertising.
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Post time: Aug-04-2022