What is Massage Gun

Massage Gun, or called Fascial Gun. It originated in 2014 and was transformed from power tools. The Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving in the 2017 NBA Playoff became widely known to the public during the timeout period. Currently used in most professional leagues, it has become an essential product for most athletes to relax their muscles.
The Massage Gun uses its special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head”, which generates high-frequency vibrations and acts on the deep layers of the muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation.
The Massage Gun is especially useful for those who regularly train at a high intensity, as it not only improves recovery speed, but also relaxes the fascia prior to training, improving mobility. “The Fascia Gun is ideal for athletes who are training for events, helping athletes relieve muscle tension and prevent overuse injuries and potential nodules and localized pain due to muscle tension, standard foam rollers. Can’t massage deep muscles or local tissue, and your hands will never be as fast as a motor gun head
We need to know a question, why is the Massage Gun called “Fascial Gun” instead of Musle Gun? The official explanation is: fascia is an important tissue that wraps muscles, connects bones and internal organs. Whether it is exercise or improper posture, it will cause fascia and muscle damage, produce adhesive joints, and cause muscle stiffness and pain due to “delayed muscle soreness”. We usually experience pain on the second to third day after a long run or workout. Through deep high-frequency vibration stimulation, the adhesion between fascia and muscles can be reduced. Because most of the fascia is covered deep in the muscles, the massage head is driven to a certain depth by the cooperation of the motor and the eccentric wheel, so it is different from the ordinary massagers on the market that massage and relax on the surface of the muscles. That’s why the fascia gun isn’t called a muscle massager.
RoverGun can provide 8-16mm amplitude, 2000rpm-4000rpm speed, 48W and 55W motors, 1000mAH to 3000mAh battery capacity. A variety of options provide customers to choose and customize.

Post time: May-18-2022