What is the use of buying a massage gun?

From the appearance point of view, the massage gun is a vibrating massage device, which has a greater impact force and frequency than traditional flex fitness percussion muscle massager. The high-frequency vibration generated can act on the deep layers of the muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation. It is widely used for rapid recovery after exercise.
Its interior is similar to the cylinder structure of a car engine, except that the crankshaft is driven by the motor in turn, and the piston end does work for the human body. Does this structure look familiar, jigsaw! At the beginning of the birth of the massage gun category in the past two years, it was still in the IQ tax price range of hundreds to thousands. There were indeed many people who used the wireless jigsaw magic to change it into a jig saw. The actual use effect is similar, but the noise and grip experience. Passable.
As more manufacturers join the industry and become more mature, the appearance of the flex fitness percussion muscle massager massage gun has become more fashionable, the size has been reduced and the battery life has been enhanced to facilitate portability, and the price has returned to normal.
The principle of the massage gun is to use the strong vibration frequency and amplitude to trigger the resonance of the muscles in the body, thereby relieving muscle tension and accelerating blood circulation. Since the massage gun has a stronger force than the traditional vibrating massager, it is not necessary to vibrate wherever you want. If it is used improperly, it will cause harm to the body.
Areas that need to be paid attention to are: the joint bulge area of ​​the upper limbs and lower limbs, around the neck and spine, and the sockets of the joints under the clavicle and armpits. The reason is that the blood vessels and nerves are dense and relatively fragile, which is prone to numbness. The correct usage is to use the massage gun head to press against the uncomfortable muscle position without applying too much external force, and strike along the texture and direction of the muscle.
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Post time: Oct-07-2022