What role does the massage gun play in thinning the calf?

Slender legs will make a person look tall, but in life, there are some people who love beauty because their calf muscles are more developed, which affects their slender figure, so these beauty lovers want to know How to lose muscle in your calves.

Tight calf muscles are usually not easy to lose weight, so the first step before and after exercise is to loosen the strong calf flesh. The method is very simple. Sit on a flat surface, bend your feet to 90 degrees naturally, hold a hollow fist and hit the calf muscle, alternately knock with your legs, and slap the sides and back of the calf from top to bottom. This slapping action can also be performed before going to bed, not less than 200 times each time, which can effectively promote circulation, help relax tense calf muscles, and reduce swelling. After understanding the working principle of the massage gun good for you, a question arises, can the massage gun good for you help to reduce the muscles of the calf?

The answer is that the massage gun cannot thin the calf, but it can make the calf muscle thinner visually. The massage gun itself only plays a relaxing role and does not exercise the calf muscles, so it cannot thin the calf. However, after many people exercise, the sympathetic nerves will be over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tense at rest. If they are not relaxed and stretched, the calf muscles will be in a state of strength and always bulge, looking very strong. After exercising, often use a massage gun to relax the calf and stretch it properly, which can soften the lines of the calf muscles. It looks like the calf has become thinner, but the muscles themselves have not decreased.

If you want to lose calf muscles in a healthy and comfortable way, you must first have a good walking posture, and you should also pay attention to stretching after exercise to prevent tight muscles from forming muscles under day-to-day tension. Use a massage gun to massage the tense muscles after each exercise or after a day of fatigue, but you must understand that haste makes waste, and it must be done step by step to avoid unnecessary muscle damage caused by excessive means.

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Post time: Dec-16-2022