When massage gun becomes a way of life

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, health awareness has become stronger and stronger. Including consumption concepts have also changed a lot. In the past, funds were invested in some food, drink and daily life, but now people are more willing to invest consumption in health, whether it is family or individual. According to relevant data, health products or health-related derivative products have been at the forefront of e-commerce platforms in recent years, and their share continues to rise every year. Internet celebrity products such as home electric foot massage basins and massage instruments are products under this background, and of course the massage gun injury recovery is no exception.
Since 2019, massage guns have often appeared on major e-commerce platforms and social networks, and more and more people are attracted by the products, setting off a wave of consumption boom. The massage gun injury recovery is no longer exclusive to the fitness industry, but has entered thousands of households. However, for those who are not very sensitive to electronic products, such as the middle-aged and elderly groups, they should be guided on how to use them, otherwise there will be an embarrassing situation of doing bad things with good intentions.
Judging from the structure of the general massage gun on the market, it is basically composed of two parts: the fuselage and the massage head. The power supply mode is generally divided into charging type and direct plug-in type. The massage gun can not be used on any part of the human body, and some parts cannot be massaged, such as the head, chest, protruding bones, neck arteries, armpits, knee popliteal fossa, inner thighs, groin, fingers Toes, etc., especially where blood vessels, nerves, and lymph are densely covered, so we must pay special attention.
For the correct use method and duration of the massage gun, it is recommended to operate along the texture of the muscle and massage according to its overall direction. For example, the chest muscles are horizontal, and the muscles of the limbs are vertical. When we use the massage gun, we should use appropriate force instead of force, and push slowly according to the texture. Be sure to master the appropriate strength and scale.
The last thing I want to say is that the massage gun is only a tool for relieving muscle fatigue and relaxing muscles, and does not have the effect of independently treating diseases. Guns should be viewed rationally and used correctly and reasonably.
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Post time: Nov-28-2022