Why does the calf thicken after the massage gun massage?

Many people use the massage gun to relax the muscles and fascia after exercising, but many people still have thick calves after using the back massage gun. Why is the calf thicker after the massage gun?
1. Why does the calf become thick after the massage gun is shot?
Generally, the thickening of the calf is not necessarily related to the use of the massage gun. The massage gun uses high-speed vibration to relax the muscles and nerves, mainly to help the tight muscles after exercise to relax or to relax the fascia wrapped around the muscles in the block area, and will not directly cause the calf to become thicker. . The reason why the calf becomes thick is related to factors such as not stretching after exercise, hyperemia after exercise, body fat, calf swelling and other factors. It is generally recommended that after exercise, in addition to using the massage gun to relax, proper stretching is also required , so that the muscle lines grow more softly.
2. Why does the calf hurt more after the massage gun?
After the massage gun is fired, the calf is more painful, which is considered to be related to the improper use of the massage gun. The massage gun can help the muscles and soft tissues to relax and recover through the impact of the gun head on the tight body parts after exercise, avoid fascia adhesion, and relieve muscle stiffness, stiffness, and tightness. Generally, during use, it may be There is pain, but after using it, the body will feel significantly relaxed, and the muscle soreness will also be improved. If the calf is more painful after the massage gun is used, it may be that the massage gun is used for too long in the same position, or the hitting force is too strong, resulting in local congestion and edema, which in turn causes pain.
3. Can the massage gun eliminate calf muscles?
The massage gun cannot eliminate the calf muscles, but it can relax the calf muscles. The calf muscles are part of the muscles of the body. We need muscles to drive our daily activities. Without muscles, the body cannot move, so there is no such thing as eliminating body muscles. And many people like to use the massage gun to thin the calf, but the massage gun does not exercise or stretch the calf muscles, so it cannot thin the calf. However, after exercising, I often use the massage gun to relax the calf and stretch it properly, which can soften the line of the calf muscle, and it looks like the calf has become thinner, but the muscle itself has not decreased.
4. Will there be bruises after the massage gun?
Generally, if the massage gun is used correctly, there will be no bruising, but if the back massage gun is used excessively locally, or the massage gun is used in places where the muscle layer is relatively thin, such as the shoulder, local bruising may occur. Happening. Generally, the bruise will dissipate after a week or so. It is recommended to avoid using the same position on the body for too long. Generally, 5-10 minutes is enough. At the same time, be careful not to use the massage gun in the place where the muscle layer is relatively thin.
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Post time: Sep-06-2022