Plastic mini massage gun (MG-007)

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Plastic mini massage gun can reduce adhesion and nodule between muscle and fascia by high-frequency vibration stimulation, and prevent sports injury. For shoulder spine strain, muscle stiffness, back pain, body obesity problems have a good solution, our company professionally provide different styles of fascia gun for your choice

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The fascia gun is used for toning, massage, fat loss, relaxation and therapy. The mini fascia gun is small and light, the size of a mobile phone, and weighs only 0.45kg. The shell is made of ABS material and adopts oxidation process. When the fascia gun is used, the slot position of the hand is closely attached to the machine, forming mutual resistance to prevent the machine from sliding, and the grip sense is strong and the hand is not slippery. Equipped with LCD screen to display gear and power, you can add or remove gear on the screen. This fascia gun has a total of 30 levels, which can be divided into four levels: one layer for muscle awakening, two layers for fascia relaxation, three layers for lactic acid decomposition, and four layers for deep massage. You can control the comfortable experience by yourself. The use of high-power motor to bring strong surging power, at the same time to bring the deep comfort of the physical experience. Compatible with mainstream mobile phone charger and charger, charging anytime and anywhere, bid farewell to battery anxiety. Complete body massage with four massage heads.


1.Large capacity battery and type-c interface, no need to buy extra plug, suitable for most household charging head
2.Adopt brushless motor, low noise and smooth operation
3.High quality accessories and long service life, low maintenance costs
4.There are many options for different degrees of massage
5.Power cell provides strong power for the use of fascia gun


When used with a volume of about 35-50dB, it can be safely used at home, office and gym, equipped with a portable suitcase.



size N.W/G.W Rated voltage speeds battery capacity charging time Working time power
11.5*4.5*16cm 0.6kg/1kg AC 110-240V 30 speeds 2500mAh 2H 6H 40W 12V






Q: Why choose rovergun as your supplier?
1) High quality: We choose brand parts in our products to ensure that each product can pass the tests of many countries and be certified by customers.
2) Latest design: We launch at least 5 new products every year to develop the market for customers. We can also change the product according to the customer's design.
3) Our advantages: we have our own land, plant and product patents. Products are certified for different countries. Cooperate with BV and BSCI factory inspection. Use branded accessories. Quality products, preferential prices. Professional after-sales service team.
Q: Are you a trading company or a factory?
A:We are factory not trading company,but we have export right can export directly,some trading company get goods from our factory.
Q: What are the benefits to long-term importers or distributors?
A: You can get the lowest price for both old and new products, and you can use your own logo and stickers for free. Good after-sales service, can be immediately to the dealer parts repair.

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