Vibrate relax electric massage ball

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Made of PVC material, flexible, safe and comfortable. Long-term exercise, healthy sphere surface feelers massage your skin, stimulate nerve endings, can promote blood circulation, relax nervous, enhance the flexibility of the body, improve balance, consume excess fat, shape attractive figure. Enjoy the unique fun.

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Massage ball is a kind of baoding iron ball, attached with a small ball on the surface of the ordinary iron ball, in the hands of rotation at the same time can better massage the hands of the acupuncture point, massage the hands of the acupuncture point effect, so the name massage ball. The electric massage ball different operators frequently move body parts to achieve massage requirements, as long as the switch can enjoy different degrees of massage experience, and eliminate the manual operation will bring uneven force.


1. Compact size, moderate weight and easy to carry
2. Strong strength, deep relieve muscle fatigue
3. Round massage head to avoid unnecessary damage caused by strong impact


Chinese medicine research proves that long-term use of fitness ball exercise, not only can adjust the central nervous system, enhance memory, develop intelligence, improve thinking ability, eliminate brain fatigue, but also can harmonize qi and blood, relax tendons and strengthen bones and strong viscera. It has good treatment and health care effect for hypertension, neurasthenia, hand neuritis, muscle spasm, upper limb (especially hand) dysfunction after stroke, fingertip paralysis, arm weakness, upper limb arthritis, hand blood circulation obstruction and other diseases.


color size
black 12.5*12.5*13cm


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Q: Why choose rovergun as your supplier?
1)High quality:we choose brand parts on product,can ensure each product pass several different country’s test and get certification for customer.
2)Newest design:every year we push at least 5 new model product for customer develop their market.we also can change the product according to customer’s design.
3)Our advantage:have our own land plant and product patent.Product certification for different countries. With BV,BSCI factory inspection.Use brand accessories.High quality product with good price.Professional after-sale service team.
Q:Do you accept small orders?
A: Yes, we accept small orders or trial orders to test market demand.
Q:Can I make my customize logo color and packaging or private label?
A: Yes, please contact us for specific details if you need a logo and own color or custom packaging.
Q:How about the after-sales service?
A: We will make 100% inspection during production and before packaging. If there is any problem with functional and quality, we'd like to provide a replacement in the next order.

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