Wireless electric vibration massage gun(MG-035)

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The product is equipped with USB plug-in charger, large capacity lithium battery and brush motor, touch screen can be operated switch and 30 gear.


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The portable mini massage gun is small but powerful. The massage gun is powered by a smart chip and a brushless motor. It has a 6mm stroke, four speed options and up to 4 hours of endurance. It breaks down the size and weight limitations of traditional massage guns and aims to improve the user experience. Compact design is easy to carry, light body, easy to grasp with one hand. The shell adopts advanced technology, high precision CNC machining, fully closed state with heat dissipation, no hole, dustproof function. Brushless motor is used to burst power, small body with large torque, intelligent regulation of motor output high power, strong and stable power. Although the body is small, but the impact is not reduced, the experience is like a large massage gun.


1.The body is light and about 0.5KG, easy to operate with one hand.
2.The shell adopts advanced technology and good heat dissipation, effectively preventing dust from entering the gun body.
3.Brushless motor provides strong and stable power, avoiding anti-shock condition during use.
4.Smart chip protects every muscle with gentle speed change and no latching.
5.The force brings deep tremors, releasing fatigue.
6.Four gears to meet the needs of post-exercise muscle relaxation or daily body massage.


When used with a volume of about 35-50dB, it can be safely used at home, office and gym, equipped with a portable suitcase.


size N.W/G.W Rated voltage speeds battery capacity charging time Working time power
14.4*13.7*9cm 0.6KG/0.75KG AC 100-240V 4 speeds 1500mAh 2H 4H 12V


022 (2)
022 (1)




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A: You can get the lowest price for both old and new products, and you can use your own logo and stickers for free. Good after-sales service, can be immediately to the dealer parts repair.

Q:Do you accept small orders?
A: Yes, we accept small orders or trial orders to test market demand.

Q:Do you accept a drop shipping service?
Yes, we can drop one piece according to your order, we have enough experience before this time.

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